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Main Business Fields

As a chemical industrial products supplier,
we support society in every aspect, both domestically and internationally.

Nitta Chemical Industrial Products supports society in every aspect
to ensure a safe and comfortable way of life.
Our diverse products that meet international standards are actively used in various business fields,
both in Japan and overseas.

  • Supporting stable drive to ensure mobility

    We use our reliable rubber materials technology and abundant product development capabilities to provide a variety of air springs, anti-vibration rubber, and other products.
    In this way, we support the mobility of people from the ground up.

    • Railway Air Springs
    • Railway Anti-vibration Rubber


  • Supporting effective infrastructures

    Our products are actively used in various infrastructures, including transportation infrastructure and powder transport, contributing to efficient operations.

    • Rubbflex Couplings
    • Cerac Hoses


  • Supporting people’s livelihoods

    Our gas meter diaphragms and blades used to ensure stable operation of OA equipment help support a comfortable way of life.

    • Cleaning Blades
    • SYREX

    Daily Lives

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