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NITTA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) considers the protection of the customer's privacy to be a very important issue. This page describes the policy (hereinafter “the Policy”) for collection, use, and protection of personal information on the website operated by the Company “https://www.nitta-ci.co.jp/” (hereinafter “the Site”).

Management of personal information

The Company may consign the operation of surveys, e-mail delivery service, sample distribution, reward campaigns, and Internet shops on the Site to a subcontractor that has been selected after careful consideration by the Company or an affiliate (hereinafter “the Subcontractor”) to provide better service to our customers. The Company and the Subcontractor shall strive to implement reasonable technical measures to prevent illegal access to, loss, tampering, and leakage of personal information collected through the Site that could be used to identify an individual, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses (hereinafter “personal information”).

Use of personal information

The Company uses the customer's personal information to send catalogues and other printed materials, rewards, and other communication, press releases, e-mail magazines, and other e-mail communication that contains information the customer may be interested in (hereinafter “information delivery”), with the prior consent of the customer.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Company shall not disclose any of the personal information input in the Site to any third party without the prior consent of the customer. However, the Company may disclose the customer's personal information without prior consent when required by law, when work related to the personal information is consigned to the Subcontractor, or when a public agency such as the court or police requires such disclosure.

Termination of information delivery

The Company shall terminate information delivery when a customer who does not desire such delivery submits notification of such to the contact that was provided via information delivery or to Inquiries (hereinafter “the Company contact”). When information delivery is terminated, all personal information that can be used to identify the customer is deleted.

Disclosure of personal information

The Company shall take reasonable measures to accommodate customer requests for disclosure of the personal information supplied by the customer for which the Company possesses the rights of disclosure, correction, supplementation, deletion, and termination of use (hereinafter “disclosure, etc.”) and retains for six months or more (hereinafter “retained personal information”). Please submit a request to the Company contact in such cases. However, please note that the following personal information shall not be disclosed.

(1) Information that is not designated “retained personal information”
  • Information that is scheduled for deletion within six months
(2) Information that is not subject by law to disclosure, etc.
  • Information that may infringe on the rights of the individual or any third party through disclosure, etc.
  • Information that may significantly hinder the appropriate operation of the Company's business through disclosure, etc.
  • Information for which disclosure, etc., constitutes a violation of any other law
(3) Other information as stipulated in relevant laws and regulations


The Company shall comply with Japanese laws and the other regulations related to the protection of the customer's personal information, and shall continuously review and improve the Policy. The Policy may be revised without prior notification. Notification of all revisions shall be given on this page. Individuals who are age 18 or younger require the approval of his/her parent or guardian before providing personal information on the Site.

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