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Railway Air Springs

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The air spring is a system that obtains resistance through the elasticity of compressed air.
The strength of the spring can be changed according to the weight of the car body and amount of vibration.


• Vibration damping between railcar bogies and car bodies


Our railway air springs are used by customers around the world for their advanced technological development, safety, and reliability.

• Feature 1
Spring height, load, and spring constant can be selected independently, and the spring constant can be changed by adjusting the air volume. It is also possible to adjust the load and spring deflection according to the internal pressure.

• Feature 2
The air spring comprises upper and lower fittings as well as air and rubber membranes to isolate high-frequency vibrations and provide excellent sound insulation.

• Feature 3
By combining the product with an air control system, it is possible to provide various types of control such as for height.

History of Railway Air Springs

Nitta Chemical Industrial Products began research of air springs in 1954. Our air springs were first used in the limited express trains Kodama and Asakaze, and 10 years later, in 1964, we took part in the technical development of the first generation (0 Series) Shinkansen with the opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed line. To this day, we continue to provide air springs that match the ever-evolving Shinkansen. Backed by our track record of delivering countless other rolling stock to Japan Railway and private railway companies throughout Japan, we are proud of our record of delivering vehicles around the world, including to railcar companies in Europe and Australia, subway and railcar companies in the U.S., and monorail and railcar companies in China.


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