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Railway Anti-vibration Rubber

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Railcar anti-vibration rubber is mainly installed in the bogie section to significantly reduce vibration from the track.

It is used in Shinkansen trains and conventional trains in Japan, and it is also used overseas.


  • • Conical bonded rubber spring
  • • Axle rod rubber
  • • Rubber bushing for single link traction device
  • • Mono rink rubber bushing
  • • Lateral buffer


  • • Conical bonded rubber spring

    Maintains appropriate spring constant in accordance with the vertical, longitudinal, and traverse movement required by the vehicle.

  • • Axle rod rubber

    Maintains the proper relationship between the wheels and bogie frame without restricting vertical or traverse movement of the bogie.

  • • Rubber bushing for single link traction device

    Attached to both ends of the link rods that support the car body and bogie, and transmits acceleration or deceleration of the bogie to the car body while minimizing shock and vibration.

  • • Lateral buffer

    Regulates movement of the car body when input in the traverse direction to ensure riding comfort.


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