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For placing ready mix concrete Docking Hose ST

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This is an intermediate hose standard equipped at the end of the boom of concrete pump trucks.
It requires high abrasion resistance and durability for use as a bend pipe.


• Feature 1 Steel cord reinforced
The hose uses extremely strong steel-reinforced cords that stretch very little when pressure is applied, enabling the hose to support the pumping pressure of a pump truck.

• Feature 2 Highly reliable heat-treated metal end fittings
The metal end fittings use a highly reliable heat-treated (vulcanized adhesion) structure, and a stop ring is used to physically prevent the fittings from coming off.

• Feature 3 Abrasion-resistant inner rubber
The inner and outer surface rubber uses an abrasion-resistant rubber with high breaking strength.


Standard type

This is used as an intermediate hose on concrete pump trucks and as a joint hose for pipe placing that is assembled when the site cannot be reached with a boom truck. The hose is flexible while retaining its strength.

Slide boom type

This is an intermediate hose on concrete pump trucks (slide boom trucks). It retains high strength for use under severe conditions.


Standard type: For concrete pump trucks and pipe placing
Slide boom type: For slide boom trucks


Product type Nominal size of hose
Specifications*1 Performance
Entire hose
Metal end fitting
VIC type
Estimated weight
Max. working pressure

Calculated burst pressure*2

Min. bend radius

Outer dia. of opening
Outer dia. of main unit
Standard type
For general placing
For 3.4 MPa
4B 2S1W 4B-S type 27 (3m) 3.4 10 500 147 126
5B 2S1W 5B-S type 47 (3m) 3.4 10 625 175 165
6B 2S1W 6B-S type 69 (3m) 3.4 10 750 212 189
Slide boom type

For 3.4 MPa
4B 2S1W 4B-S type 29 (3m) 3.4 10 500 146 126
High-pressure type
For general placing
For 5.4 MPa
4B 2S1W 4B-M type 31 (3m) 5.4 14 600 158 127
5B 2S1W 5B-M type 53 (3m) 5.4 14 750 190 170
High-pressure type
For general placing
For 6.9 MPa
4B 2S1W 4B-M type 37 (3m) 6.9 18 800 163 130
5B 4S1W 5B-M type 68 (3m) 6.9 20 1000 199 171
  • Notes
  • 1. Regarding hose body specifications marked with *1, 2S1W=2-ply steel cord reinforcement+1 wire, 4S1W=4-ply steel cord reinforcement+1 wire.
  • 2. Calculated burst pressure marked with *2 is the burst pressure in a straight line with no external force acting on it.
  • 3. Outer diameter of opening and outer diameter of main unit are reference values.
  • 4. Some product specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.


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